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China is a multi-faceted travel destination with a rich breadth of history and culture, ancient heritage sites, spectacular natural wonders and an unrivaled ethnic diversity. Thanks to modern infrastructure, travelling in China has become less strenuous in recent years. However, we firmly believe that a good preparation is the key to a successful and unforgettable journey to the middle kingdom. Because of the size of China, the choice of magnificent sightseeing spots is endless. Therefore, the question about which places to visit mainly depends on your interests and the time on hand.

On the following pages we put together some interesting itineraries for tours in China and beyond. These tours should simply serve as an inspiration and help you with the planning of your next trip to China. It comes without saying that all tours can be adapted to your personal interests and wishes. Just tell us your own personal travel ideas for China and let us do the rest.

Journey to Yangshuo: The fairytale landscape of Guangxi Province

6-8 days
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The comprehensive tour of the Guangxi Province in China

The region around Yangshuo is one of the most famous and beautiful landscapes in China. Sooner or later everyone will come face to face with this fairytale landscape during a trip to China, because the karst landscape of Yangshuo in the south of China is so famous that it even serves as a motif for the 20RMB banknote of the Chinese banknote. On this trip we will take you to the fascinating karst hills of Yangshuo as well as the scenic rice terraces of Longsheng in the north of the province.