Travel to Shaxi and step back in time along the Tea and Horse Road

Fascinating day trip from Lijiang Old Town to Shaxi village in Yunnan Province, an idyllic ancient village that used to be a wealthy and prosperous stop for horse caravans travelling the Tea and Horse Road, an ancient trail network in Yunnan Province for trade between the tea growing areas in Xishuangbanna in the southern Yunnan Province and Tibet. A visit to Shaxi is like taking a step back in time and a hint of the former prosperity can still be felt there today. 

The comprehensive tour of the Guangxi Province in China

The region around Yangshuo is one of the most famous and beautiful landscapes in China. Sooner or later everyone will come face to face with this fairytale landscape during a trip to China, because the karst landscape of Yangshuo in the south of China is so famous that it even serves as a motif for the 20RMB banknote of the Chinese banknote. On this trip we will take you to the fascinating karst hills of Yangshuo as well as the scenic rice terraces of Longsheng in the north of the province.

Travel the Yunnan Province along a long lost trade route

Yunnan Budget Tour along the legendary “Tea Horse Road”, an old trade route between the tea production areas of the Yunnan province and Tibet. You will travel by public transport, trains, local taxis, on foot or whatever else we think of along the way. This way, you will very easily be able to come into contact with the local population and experience things that often remain undiscovered by other travellers to the Yunnan Province.

Compressed overland tour along the "Old Burma Road" from Yunnan to Burma

Travel along the infamous "Old Burma Road" from the Yunnan Province in Southwest China to the "Golden Land" of Myanmar (Burma). The Burma Road has long been a trading route between the British occupied Burma and China, but played an important role for China during the Second World War. A fascinating journey through the rugged mountain terrain of Southwest China and Northern Burma. A compressed version of our other fascinating tours along the Burma Road, ideal for the traveller with a limited amount of time and a limited budget.

Fascinating landscapes of north Yunnan in China

A journey to the spectacular northern part of Yunnan province in China, with hiking tour to Yubeng Village. The up to 6'700m high peaks of the year-round snow-covered mountains in the north of Yunnan Province are among the most spectacular natural landscapes in China. Deep gorges, raging rivers and hidden monasteries define the landscape on this varied journey through Yunnan. You will experience a pristine Yunnan province away from the big tourist flows, which impresses with its impressive natural beauty as well as the hospitality of the ethnic minorities of this region. 

Bustling Beijing and idyllic Yangshuo. China Family vacation

Travel relaxed through China with the family. Our China journeys for families are stress-free with enough free space to meet the needs and moods of children (and adults..). On our China Family Tours you will stay in family-friendly, centrally located hotels with an inner courtyard, where the children can let off steam. The journeys include age-appropriate hikes, which can be adapted flexibly and spontaneously to the situation in length and duration