Private Yunnan Sichuan Travel Tours

Private Tours: Travel at your own pace throughout Southwest China and beyond

A private tour, together with our driver and an experienced tour guide, offers the maximum amount of liberty and flexibility during your trip throughout South-West China and the adjoining countries Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Vietnam. Your travel itinerary can be adjusted on the spur of the moment whenever and wherever  you like.  Whether you are invited spontaneously to a wedding party, offered the hospitality of a Tibetan Nomad to have a cup of Yak-butter Tea inside his tent, or you want to explore an additional hidden temple, church or monastery - we leave you with the necessary flexibility. Ask us for your own, personal travel itinerary for South and West China today!

Our individual/private Tours are ideal for elderly persons and for travelers who want to have a South-West China travel experience at his/her own pace. Apart from English we also offer our private tours throughout South-West China in French and German language.