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An authenic travel experience of the Provinces Yunnan and Sichuan in China’s South-West

Our active tours enable our clients to experience an authentic an authentic South-West China with many encounters with the local population. Generally you travel in the comfort of a private vehicle together with a driver and your local tour guide. However, our active tours also include short hikes, easy mountain bike tours, cooking classes, and a ride on a night train or the local bus. This way it is easier for you to immerse in the local customs and cultures and encounter the local people.

Our South-West China Active Tours: Suitable for all age groups and families with children

We map our active tours according to your personal skills and capabilities. All our tours leave you with enough extra time so you can easily explore some villages or sites on your own. Wherever possible we sleep in good quality, rustic hotels or guesthouses along the way, which provide your tours with a good mixture of comfort and adventure. Our active tours are also ideal for families with children.

Our Active Tours are designed for the uncomplicated traveler of all ages who likes to have some comfort accommodation while travelling throughout South-West China, but, if necessary, does not mind to sleep in some simple accommodation as well.