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Yunnan in Style: The luxury Yunnan journey

The ideal busines trip extension for the exhausted managers out there

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The "stress-releaved" Yunnan journey. The ideal extention to your business trip to China: Discover the authentic Yunnan in the south-west of China with a touch of luxury. Far away from the usual crowd of tourists you travel by private vehicla via remote country roads and in doing so get to know the charming Yunnan province from a completely different perspective. You will stay in tastefully decorated boutique lodges or hotels, which meet even higher demands and will make your Yunnan trip an even more relaxing and enjoyable experience!

Tour Information

The stress-free journey through Yunnan with a touch of luxury

Journey to Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

Far away from the beaten tourist track, you travel through the fantastic scenery of northern province of Yunnan, in the far south-west of China.

In addition to the "En Vogue" destinations Lijiang and Zhongdian, on this exciting journey you will also visit places that are virtually untouched by tourism.

You will stay in tastefully decorated, tucked away Boutique Lodges or hotels, which meet even higher demands and will add a tourch of luxury to your Yunnan trip.

During this Yunnan journey, you will also quite deliberately be staying for two or more nights in the same hotel and while doing so, whenever possible, avoiding a daily hotel change. It goes without saying that, at the same time, you are getting to know the province of Yunnan from of a different and unknown side.

Province of Yunnan: Travel and relax

Yunnan Travel in Style with selcted hotels

The journey is designed in such a way that you have enough free time at each destination, to explore some places on your own, to do something spontaneous, or simply to enjoy a massage or a drink at the hotel bar in the selected hotels.

En route you experience impressive wonders of nature, deep valleys, as well as the hospitality of the ethnic minorities.

You will stay in authentic, comfortable hotels, which give this beautiful journey an extra flair.

This journey is the ideal extension to your business trip to China. Let us make all the arrangement before and during the tour. Completely hassle-free and uncomplicated.

A journey you can look forward to!

Travel along the Yangtze River in Yunnan

Travel the magnificent landscape in Yunnan China

You travel along at the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, which here still bears the name Jinsha (Golden Sand River).With 6400 km, the Yangtze River is the third longest river in the world and at the same time forms also an important lifeline for China.

In Shigu, where the Yangtze carries out its famous 180 degree turn, you learn more about the impact of the "Mountain of Fate” of China.

The small village of Tacheng is located in a side valley of the Yangtze River, where you will stay in a tastefully furnished small lodge.

The Tacheng Nature reserve, the home of the Golden Yunnan Stub nose monkeys, is located not far from the lodge in Tacheng. This rare monkey species exclusively lives in the remote forests of south-west China and northern Myanmar. Some of the monkeys have become accustomed to the presence of humans, so that these endangered animals can also be observed from relatively close by in the wilderness.

The Old Town of Lijiang

The view from your Lijiang hotel

During a journey through the province of Yunnan province, a visit to the Old Town of Lijiang should not be missing. Lijiang inspires by the maze of alleys and canals, which crosses the old town. Just outside of Lijiang, the snow-covered peaks of the Jade Dragon Mountain protrude into the dark blue sky. From the “Pond of the Black Dragon” one has a beautiful view of the Jade Dragon Mountain, which is only a few minutes' walk from the Old Town.

The best time to explore the Old Town of Lijiang is in the early morning, even before the invasion of the Chinese tourist groups. Then you have the Old Town of Lijiang still almost to yourselves.

So that you somewhat can escape the nightly hustle and bustle in Lijiang, we have selected your accommodation in the 9 km distant Shuhe. Shuhe is a little more off the beaten (tourist) track and is very well suited as a base for excursions into the surrounding area.

From most of the major cities of China there are cheap, direct flights to Lijiang. There is also a high-speed train that connects Lijiang with Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province. The jounrey by high-speed train from Lijiang to Kunming takes a bit more than 3 hours.

The Tacheng Nature Reserve

Stub nose monkeys at the Tacheng Nature Reserve

The Tacheng village is located in a side valley of the Yangtze River about four driving hour's north-west of Lijiang.

The nearby Tacheng Nature Reserve is the home of the Yunnan Stub nose monkeys, which are threatened with extinction. This rare monkey species exclusively lives in the remote forests of south-west China and northern Myanmar. The Yunnan Stub nose monkeys obtained their name from the short stub noses, whose openings are directed to the front. The Yunnan Stub nose monkeys are herbivores, their diet consists of fruit, nuts, tree needles, leaves and seeds.

The Tacheng Nature Reserve is one of the few places where one can observe the Yunnan Stub nose monkeys in the wilderness.

From the village of Tacheng, you can reach the Tacheng Nature Reserve in approx. 30 minutes. The visit of the Tacheng reserve should be scheduled in the early morning, because the Yunnan Stump nose monkeys are particularly active then.


Tour Map

"...thank you for a fantastic journey..."

   Peter from England

"...please extend our thanks to the hotel staff in Benzilan. They were lovely and took real good care of us..."

   Ulla from Germany

Tour Itinerary


Travel to Lijiang, home of the Naxi ethnic group

Arrival in Lijiang. Pick up at the airport and convenient transfer to your hotel, which is located just outside of Lijiang.

The Nice Old Town of Lijiang is located in a fertile valley, at 2'400 meters above sea level and the foot of the 5'596 meters high Jade Dragon Mountain (Yulong Xue Shan).

The area around Lijiang is the home of the ethnic group of the Naxi. The Naxi originate from the Qiang Tibetans and have settled in this area about an estimated 2'000 year ago.

The program on this day will be based upon your arrival time in Lijiang.

Your overnight accommodation is either at Lijiang or at Shuhe village


Ancient street of Lijiang Old Town, Yunnan, China

In the morning you can take a walking tour through the wonderful, with countless narrow alleys and canals crossed old town of Lijiang. During this occasion we also learn more about the peculiarities and the secrets of the mystical Naxi culture.

In 1996, Lijiang was almost destroyed by an earthquake, and was added after the reconstruction to the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites. You are able to climb the Lion’s Hill, from where you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the roofs of the Old Town of Lijiang.

Subsequently visit the "pond of the Black Dragon" with a nice view of the snow-covered Jade Dragon Mountain.

Then return to your hotel. Free time at your disposal for a tour through Lijiang or Shuhe on your own.

Overnight stay in either Lijiang or at Shuhe village.


Laojun Shan National Park, China

Today's trip takes you along the magnificent landscape of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. You follow the valley to Shigu, where the Yangtze River, coming from the north, makes a turn of 180 degrees and flows northwards again in virtually parallel direction.

You follow the Yangtze River valley in northern direction to Zhongxing, where you will pass through a side valley to Liming, the starting point to the Laojun National Park.

The magnificent Lao Jun Shan National Park is located in the north-west of the province of Yunnan and is part of the "Three Parallel Rivers" National Parks under the protection of UNESCO. The main attraction of Lao Jun Shan is the big red Danxia sandstone rocks, which are among the most beautiful and spectacular sandstone formations of this kind in China. The height of Danxia sandstone rocks, which measure 4’200 meters at the highest point, is unusual.

The cable car takes you up to the peak of the Qian Gui Mountain. At the top, the erosion left behind a magnificent and fascinating landscape in millions of years,  which looks like an oversized Turtle shell. The view from the Qian Gui mountain is overwhelming. 

Dinner at the Lodge.


Stub nosed monkey at the Tacheng Nature Reserve

In the morning you visit the Tacheng Nature Reserve, the home of the Golden Yunnan Stub nose monkeys. This rare monkey species exclusively lives in the remote forests of south-west China and northern Myanmar.

Some of the monkeys have become accustomed to the presence of humans, so that these endangered animals can also be observed from relatively close by in the wilderness.

In the afternoon you have the opportunity to take a tour through the nearby village or you can enjoy the beautiful view during drinking a cup of tea from the balcony of your room.

Overnight accommodation at a tastefully furnished boutique Hotel in Tacheng, Yunnan Province.


Travel to the Tiger Leaping Gorge

Wonderful journey along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, which here is still called "Jin Jiang Sha" (Golden Sand River), to the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Here the water masses of the Yangtze River are pressed with deafening noise through a gorge, which in some places is only just 15 meters wide. Especially during the summer months, this is an impressive spectacle.

According to the legend, here a long time ago a tiger jumped over the gorge to escape its hunters. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the deepest river gorges in the world.

On foot you follow the small road up to the Tea Horse Guest House. The walk takes about 1 hour in total and is easy to manage.

From there one has unique views down to the Yangtze River. After a 1-hour walk, you will reach the Tea Horse Guest House, which is located high above the gorge.

Lunch with a nice view of the opposite Jade Dragon Mountain.

Then continuation of the journey to Zhongdian.

Check-in at the hotel in Zhongdian.


Journey to the Tibetan Songtsam Monastery in Zhongdian

The city of Zhongdian, recently also called Shangri-La, is located on 3200 m surrounded by a magnificent landscape. The ethnic as well as cultural diversity of the region give Zhongdian a very special “charm".

Visit the Ganden Sumtseling Gompa, a 300-year-old Tibetan monastery, which is important from a historical point of view, since it was in personally inaugurated in the 17th century by the fifth Dalai Lama. Destroyed during the Cultural Revolution it now belongs again to the largest and most influential monasteries in the area.

Return journey to Zhongdian and common stroll through the well preserved, picturesque old town. In the course of this, you can also climb the “turtle mountain". 

Overnight accommodation in Zhongdian


Transfer to the airport or subsequent program.


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