Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge: Enhance your Yunnan Yunnan experience with a 2 day hike through one of the deepest gorges in the world! This trek follows a scenic trail high above the Tiger Leaping Gorge along the Eastern slope of the Haba Mountain and offers some of the finest views in Yunnan. Stay overnight at a romantic guesthouse high above the Yangtze River with magnificent views of the snowcapped "5 fingers" of the Jade Dragon Mountain! Ideal for the keen hiker with limited time.

Your host, Adrian Stalder

Adrian Stalder

A Swiss National, passionate traveler and outdoor expert. He graduated from the Swiss business school of commerce and was supposed to start a banking career soon after. More out of curiosity he took an interim job as a tour guide for one of the leading tour operators in Switzerland and that is when he discovered his love and affection for foreign countries and their fascinating cultures and history. In between his assignments he shouldered his backpack and started to explore the remotest corners of the Asian continent. After one year in Thailand he then moved to neighboring Myanmar where he worked as the country manager for a German tour operator for almost 5 years.

He then decided to move on to Kunming, where he realized a long time dream by starting his own travel company, and to share with others his extensive travel experience and profound knowledge about China and South-East Asia. Chinese is just one of 5 languages he speaks fluently. In his spare time he is practicing Tai Ji and studies the Chinese history.

Tour Information

For the skilled hiker the scenic 2 day walk through the Tiger Leaping Gorge is the “can’t miss” experience while travelling the Yunnan Province in the South-West of China. The hike along a scenic trail high above the gorge along the Eastern slope of the Haba Mountain offers some of the finest views in Yunnan.

Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan Province, China

Wedged between the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the East and the Haba Mountain Range in the West, the impressive Tiger Leaping Gorge is reputedly the world’s deepest canyon. Here the waters of the mighty Yangtze River are roaring through a, at some places only 15m wide gorge - a spectacle especially impressive during the summer month,  when the water levels of the Yangtze River are the highest due to the melting snow in the Himalayas and the sometimes heavy rains in the mountains.

Tiger Leaping Gorge is 16km long and measures a staggering 3900m from the waters of the Jinsha (Yangtze) River to the highest peak of the 5596m high Jade Dragon Mountain. It got its name from a story describing how a tiger escaped it’s hunters by leaping across the Yangtze River in one go.

You stay overnight at a simple guesthouse high above the gorge with amazing views of the “5 fingers” of the Jade Dragon Mountain on the opposite side. A minimum amount of fitness is required for this tour. For those prefer a more leisurely pace, we recommend the 3 day tour with two overnight stays in the Gorge.

Customer Reviews

"...glad we stayed overnight at the Tea Horse Guesthouse...we found the scenery amazing..."
   John from Australia 

"...the Tiger Leaping Gorge was impressive indeed, thanks for the tip..."
   Markus from Switzerland

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Tour Itinerary


By private car we drive from Lijiang to Qiaotou, located at the entrance of the Tiger Leaping Gorge and the starting point for our Trek.

Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan


You first walk from Qiaotou to Yacha village. The total walking time is about 6 to 7 hours.

The path first climbs steadily while it follows the hillside in a north-eastern direction into the gorge. The further you walk into the gorge, the more impressive the landscape gets. After two hours you reach Nuoyu Village where you stop for lunch.

After that we face the “28 bends”, the steepest and toughest part of the trek.

From the top one has spectacular view of the Tiger Leaping Gorge and the “5 Fingers” of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

From here the path is mostly downhill for another hour until we reach Yacha Village where we stay for the night at a simple guesthouse high above the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

The view of Jade Dragon Mountain and the Tiger Leaping Gorge from your accommodation in the Tiger Leaping Gorge is simply breathtaking.


Enhance your trip to the Yunnan Province in China with a hike through the Tiger Leaping Gorge

Today’s walking time is about 6 hours and probably the most scenic part of the trek.

This second part of the Trail offers once again spectacular views of the Yangtze valley below and the surroundings.

After about 2 hours we reach Bendiwan Village where you have a well earned coffee-break.

After that, continue for another two hours downhill to Walnut Grove where our drive will be waiting for us.

You can either head straight back with our driver to Lijiang or stay overnight at Tina’s guesthouse, in order to continue your journey the following day via the white water terraces of Baishuitai to Zhongdian or to the picturesque village of Shaxi.

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Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge

2 days of breathtaking scenery
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