Join-in group tours (Seat-in coach)

Join-in group tours (“seat-in-coach) group tours with a fixed departure dates throughout the year from a certain location in China. The travel itinerary as well as the duration of the trip are generally specified. The more travelers take part in such a group tour, the cheaper the trip will be for each individual, because the costs for tour guides and buses will be divided by the number of participants. The maximum group size is limited to 9 persons per trip. Relax and enjoy the trip in a small group and discover one of the most beautiful and varied regions of China. The China Join-in group tours are deliberately designed in such a way that there is enough time at each sight of interest to explore the area on your own. At some destinations you can make your own arrangement throughout the day or take part in one of the accompanied additional excursions. These additional programs can also be booked spontaneously on site. This type of China journey is ideal for price-conscious single travelers and/or couples. The more participants the more fun and the cheaper the journey!

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The Yunnan Grand Budget Tour (Group Tour)

Yunnan Journeys, Travel the Yunnan Province in China
12-14 days
Budget Tours
Join-In Tour

Travel and explore Yunnan Province. The big tour for the small budget with fixed departure dates from Kunming

Yunnan tour at a budget price! Fascinating round trip through the Yunnan Province in South-West China. Discover one of the most beautiful and diverse provinces in China in a small group. This Yunnan tour is ideal for the price-conscious traveler as well as for couples or the solo-traveller. The cost of the tour guide and bus is divided by the number of participants. So, the more participants, the more budget-friendly the trip will be! Ask us for the fixed departure dates from Kunming.