Cultural Tours

From a cultural point of view, the southwest of China is undoubtedly one of the most attractive provinces for visitors to China. On a cultural journey you will visit not only the most scenic corners but also the places with the most significance places from a cultural aspect. 25 of the 56 official ethnic groups are based in Yunnan. Near Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, Sanxingdui is one of China's most important archaeological sites. In 1986, numerous bronze masks and statues as well as numerous valuable gold and jade objects were found during excavations. The finds suggest that the Sichuan Basin was already home to a kingdom called "Shu" over 3000 years ago. On our cultural journeys you will also visit some of the most important historical sites in the Middle Kingdom. Furthermore, encounters with the local population will give you an insight into the customs and daily life of the local population. Recently, Chinese artists have also made a name for themselves internationally. During a visit to various exhibitions and galleries, we also want to put a spotlight at the modern art in China.

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Yunnan Compact

3-5 days
Cultural Tours

Travel the Yunnan Province and discover the most important sights in 4 days

Yunnan Travel: Discover the most important sights of Yunnan within 4 days. Experience the mysterious Stone Forest, visit Dali with it's three pagodas and dive into Liijiang's world famous old town. This tour will enable you to see as much as possible within a very short time. This comprehensive Yunnan tour complements perfectly your business trip and is also perfect as an stop-over for your trip to China.