Travel the Yunnan Province in South-West China

Yunnan tours are the insider's tip to opening the secret gate to China's hidden past. According to our customers, tours through the Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan always rank highest of all experiences in China. Due Yunnan's and Sichuan's cultural, geographical and ethnical diversity, tours in Chinese provinces are the most diverse, the most fascinating as well as the most unique travel experience in China. Travel along Yunnan's "Old Tea and Horse Road", an ancient trading route used by tea and horse trades to transport tea form Yunnan's southern regions towards Tibet. Discover the old and true China at old trading outposts frozen in time. Feel the warmth of age old hearths, experience the texture of ancient clay houses and taste the diversity of Yunnan's cultural melting pot like cuisine.

On your tour, Yunnan will inspire you with it's majestic, snow-topped peaks, it's roaring white water rivers, it's luminous rice terraces, it's deep gorges and it's most colourful ethnic minorities. The province of Yunnan is home to 26 different ethnic minorities thus combining 26 different histories, 26 different cuisines, 26 different cultures and even more different local dialects into one peaceful and harmonious society.


Thanks to our insider knowledge you will be able to discover the true China on your tour of Yunnan and Sichuan. Unveil the mysteries of the "Flying tigers" on a trip along the "Old Burma Road", a supply road finished, destroyed and rebuilt before and during the second world war by joined forces of Chinese and allied troops. Learn about the hard and strong leadership of General Stillwell as he he makes his final strategic moves to complete a project which was too vital to fail. Or travel to Chinas most beautiful rice terraces: Yunnan's terraced rice fields in Yuanyang which were once constructed by the Hani ethnic minority. If the weather is right you can experience one of the world's most stunning sunrises amidst a sea of gleaming fields.
Colorful China takes part in every step of your your tour. We help you find your personal tour and give you a hand in finding the best and most informative materials about Yunnan and Sichuan. During your tour, our English or German speaking tour guides will give you even more information historic facts and will tell and explain the ubiquitous folk stories surrounding many of Yunnan's and Sichuan's famous sights.