The Zhangjiajie National Park is locates in Hunan Province, China

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The place Wulingyuan is located about 30km north of Zhangjiajie and is the starting point to one of the most beautiful and spectacular natural landscapes of China. The mTore than 3000 reddish sandstone pillars belong to the main attractions of this magical geopark which is on the UNESCO list. Some of these impressive sandstone pillars rise up to 200 metres into the sky from the surrounding subtropical rainforest. It is said that the spectacular red rock needles from Tianzishan near Wulingyuan served James Cameron as a model for the "Floating Mountains of Pandora" in his film "Avatar".

 The newest attraction of Wulingyuan is the glass bridge over the "Grand Canyon". The 400m long glass floor bridge was opened in 2016 and offers the courageous visitor an unforgettable experience. It is said to be the longest bridge with a glass bottom in the world.


Tianmenshan glass footbridge over the abyss. Hunan Province in Centreal China

From the town of Zhangjiajie you can reach another main attraction of Hunan province, Tianmen Mountain (Tianmenshan). One of the longest cable cars in the world takes you up to Tianmenshan. The courageous ones can walk at Tianmenshan on a footbridge with a glass bottom over a 1000m high vertical abyss! From the middle station of the cable car you take a park bus over a winding road to "Tianmen".

"Tianmen" literally means "the gate to heaven". The name refers to a huge hole on the side of Tianmen Mountain, which - viewed from below and with a little imagination - actually looks like a passage into the sky. The park bus stops at the parking lot of the "Tianmen". From here you reach the "Tianmen" via a long staircase with the famous 999 steps.

 Both in Zhangjiajie and in Wulingyuan there are numerous accommodations for every taste and every budget.


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