Tengchong is located in the western Yunnan Province in China

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Decent into a geyser filled valley

Tengchong was once a staging post on the “Tea and Horse Road” a branch the southern Silk Route in South West Yunnan. Due to its location and its wealth, the British decided to build a Consulate in Tengchong in 1899.  However, with the building of new roads in the 1930s, the Silk Road disappeared and Tengchong lost its importance as a trading post.

Tengchong, famous for its natural beauty and the hotsprings
Tengchong in Yunnan Province, Southwest China

Located on the Fault lines of the Indian Subcontinent and Asian Continent at an altitude of 1’650 meters, Tengchong’s surroundings are dotted with countless ancient volcanoes and numerous natural hot springs. Near Tengchong lies the picturesque Heshun village. Heshun village with its lovely Qing-Style houses can easily be explored during a day trip from Tengchong.

There is an entrance fee to visit Heshun village. Heshun is particularly famous for its library where many ancient texts and rare publications are beeing stored. There are said to be more one thousand small houses concentrated within the Heshun city wall.

Another interesting day trip from Tengchong is Mount Yunfeng or Yunfengshan. On top of Yunfengshan lies the dominant Taoist Yunfeng Temple. It is a strenuous 1,5 hour walk to the Temple. Alternatively there is a cable car running from the valley half way up the mountain. Mount Yunfeng offers spectacular view of the surroundings. 


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