Tour and Travel Guide Dimaluo


In the valley of the "Angry River" (Nujiang)

The idyllic village of Dimaluo is located about 40km north-east of Gongshan in a side valley of the Nu Jiang (Nu Jiang) Valley in the north-eastern part of the Yunnan province. Although Dimaluo is a Lisu word meaning “plains”, the village is a small enclave of Tibetan culture in a county that also contains people of Lisu, Nu and Dulong descent. As the original population in the valley was predominantly Nu, many of the families of Dimaluo are now mixed Nu-Tibetan descent.

Follow the footsteps of French and Swiss Missionaries

About 80% of the population are Catholic which is a result of some missionary activities by Swiss and French Jesuit Priests from the “Mission étrangère in Paris, who arrived in the area around 1850 and 1960.  Every Sunday at 11 o’clock, a mess is held at the local Catholic Church. Dimaluo is located at 1815 metres above sea level and is a perfect starting point for trekking tours in the surrounding Gongshan Mountains.

Nujiang Trekking

It is possible to walk in three days from Dimaluo in the Nujiang (Nu Jiang) valley over the 4’300m Selalaka Mountain pass into the Mekong valley to Cizhong village. Unfortunately there are plans by the local government to build a road from the Nu Jiang (Nujiang) Valley via Dimaluo and the Peacock pass to Zhongdian; so it may soon be over with the idyllic atmosphere at Dimaluo.


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