A former "Flying Tigers" base

Baoshan or Yongchang as it was called in the old days is located in south west Yunnan about half way between Dali and Ruili. Baoshan is surrounded by Mountains on four sides; hence the name “Bao Shan” which translated means “Protected by Mountains”. Baoshan played an important role during WW II when the Flying Tigers were operating an Airbase in the area. The legendary "Flying Tigers" were officially known as the “First American Volunteer Group” and were a group of 350 American aviators and ground crew who took part in a secret military mission, fighting Japanese occupation forces in China. Read more about the Flying Tigers.

Wo Fo Si Monastery

There are several sites to be explored in Baoshan like the lovely Taibao Shan Park with the Wuhou and the Yuhuang Temples, the Graveyard of the National Heroes or the Wenbi Pagoda. 15 km north east of Baoshan is the picturesque Wo Fo Si Buddhist Monastery. Inside a cave is the largest reclining Buddha in China together with many statues of different and colourful “Arhats” (Saints). Baoshan can either be reached by plane or via the highway autobahn in less than 7 hours from Kunming.

Wofo Si Monastery (Monastery of the reclining Buddha)