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Baoshan or Yongchang as it was called in the old days is located in south west Yunnan about half way between Dali and Ruili. The city of Baoshan also played an important role during WW II when the Flying Tigers were operating an Airbase in the area.

Cang Shan Mountain, Dali, UNESCO Geopark Dali,

Cangshan Geopark located in Yunnan Province in Southwest China west of Dali. The Geopark covers almost the entire Cangshan Mountain Range and is well-known for its biodiversity. By the Ximatan Cable car you can reach almost the top of Cang Shan at over 4000 meters above sea level.

The idyllic village of Dimaluo is located in a side valley of the Nu Jiang (Nujiang River) Valley in the north-eastern part of the Yunnan province. About 80% of the population are Catholic which is a result of some missionary activities by Swiss and French Jesuit Priests, who arrived in the area around 1850 and 1960.

The Laojunshan National Park is located in the western Yunnan Province in China

A visit to Laojun Shan National Park should not be missed on a trip to the Yunnan Province in China. The Laojun Shan National Park is part of the "Three Parallel Rivers" National Park. From Lijiang you can reach the Laojun Shan National Park by car in about 2 hours.

Tengchong was once a staging post on the “Tea and Horse Road” a branch the southern Silk Route in South West Yunnan. Due to its location and its wealth, the British decided to build a Consulate in Tengchong in 1899. 

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This vast complex comprises eight clusters of largely mountain protected areas in northwest Yunnan, between which the 2,000m deep gorges of the upper Yangtze (Jinsha Jiang), Mekong (Lancang Jiang) and Salween (Nu Jiang) rivers run parallel for over 300 km.