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Home of Nie Er

Yuxi in Yunnan Province in China is home to Nie Er, the composer of the chinese national anthem.
Yuxi: Home to Nie Er, composer of the China national anthem

Yuxi is located in Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, about 100km south of Kunming on the edge of the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. Agriculture is the town’s main income.

The fertile soil and the mild subtropical monsoon climate make the area also an ideal place for growing good quality Tobacco, Yuxi is home to some of China’s biggest cigarette manufacturers which gave the city the nickname “the cigarette capital”. There is a small tobacco museum dedicated to the Yuxi cigarette industry on top of the Hongta Shan where the “Red Tower” stands.

Many people come to Yuxi to pay respect to Nie Er, the composer of the Chinese National Anthem. Nie Er, formerly Nie Shouxin, was born in Yuxi in 1912. In 1935 he composed “the March of the Volunteers” which later became the national anthem of China. The house where Nie Er was born has been transformed into a small museum with an adjoining park. If you can’t make it to Xiushan (see Tonghai section), then the “Nine Dragon Pond Park is worth a visit. “Nine Dragon Pool Park” is located on the base of Qilu Mountain on the outskirts of Yuxi.

There is a lovely pond several Ming Dynasty Temples and Pavilions inside Nine Dragon Pool Park but otherwise is not much to see or to do. Another attraction of Yuxi is the “Red Tower” on top of Hongta Shan.  The Red Tower is said to date back to the Yuan Dynasty. 


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