Travel to the Yuanyang Rice Terraces in southern Yunnan Province in China

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Yuanyang Rice Terraces

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Yuanyang Rice Terraces sunrise. Yunnan Province, China
Sunrise over the Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Set amongst amazing scenery high above the Red River (Hong He) Valley, Yuanyang (Xinjie Zhen) is the starting point for a visit to arguably the most beautiful rice terraces in Asia.

The Yuanyang rice terraces have been carved out of the Ailao Mountains over hundreds of years by Hani farmers living in the area.

The best time to visit the Yuanyang (Xinjie Zhen) rice terraces is during the harvest in late September and October or during the winter month, when the terraces are filled with water, which transforms the area into a colorful fairyland for photographers, as every pond reflects the sunlight in a different color.

However, during the winter month, the terraces are often shrouded in fog. The surrounding mountains are mainly inhabited by the Hani, Yi and Dai ethnic minorities. One of the weekly colorful markets in the area should not be missed!


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