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Xiushan Park is Tonghais hidden gem

Tonghai is located south-east of Yuxi on the southern shores of picturesque Qilu Lake. Tonghai (Tong Hai) can look back on a long history. It was once part of the Dian Kingdom and later became a military and economic centre for the powerful Dali Kingdom.

Visit Xiushan Mountain near Tonghai in Yunnan province, China
Xiushan Mountain near Tonghai, Yunnan Province

During the Yuan Dynasty, Tonghai (Tong Hai) was the most western military outpost and marked the boundary for the Yuan Empire. Many Mongolian Soldiers where stationed here during the Yuan Dynasty and many of their descendants still live around Tonghai (Tong Hai). Apart from the Mongols, there is also a big Hui Muslim community, which is represented by a new, over sized mosque located across the Qilu Lake at Najiaying. Members of the Yi, Dai and Hani ethnic groups also populate the area around Qilu Lake.

Tonghai saw drastic changes in the past few years; sadly most of the beautiful, old Yuan style houses had to make room for modernization. The main attraction is definitely the beautiful Xiushan Park located south of town within walking distance. Xiushan Park dates back to the Han Dynasty and was enlarged during the late Jin Period (936-946) of the Tang Dynasty by Duan Siping, the founder of the Dali Kingdom. During the Ming Dynasty, Xiushan Hill was revered as an important Buddhist site in southern Yunnan Province.

Throughout its long history, various Temples and Pavilions where added and today, an array of traditional Temples and Pavilions in various styles of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism can be found around the lush park covering Xiushan Hill. It takes about two hours to explore the entire park. The entrance fee is 10 RMB.


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