Ruili is the border crossing during the tour along the old Burma Road from Yunnan to Myanmar

Tour and Travel Guide Ruili


The gateway to Burma

Ruili is located in south-west Yunnan on the banks of the Ruili River, which marks the border between China and Myanmar. The bustling border town is a fascinating place to visit, mainly because of it’s cultural and ethnic diversity. The presence of Burmese, Bengali, Pakistani and Indian merchants make Ruili a colorful, multicultural and lively place to visit.

There are several fascinating markets around Ruili town where all sorts of goods from both sides of the border are traded. The immediate surroundings of Ruili are home of the Jingpo (Kachin), Dai, Achang and Lisu ethnic minorities. A big array of accommodation is available in Ruili, ranging from deluxe 4 Star hotels to the simple guesthouse. It is possible to travel overland into Myanmar in Ruili. Contact us for more details. 


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