Najiaying has the oldes Mosque in Yunnan Province

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Learn about the Chinese Hui minority

Najianying in Yunnan is mainly inhabited by Muslim minorities
Travel to Najianying, oldest Mosque in Yunnan

Located on the northern shores of Qilu Hu (Qilu Lake), Najiaying is home of the Hui Muslim community. The town still has many traditional old buildings, some of them from the Yuan Dynasty. Dominating the town is the somewhat oversized Mosque, which has been constructed in 2000 and its four minarets are even visible from Jinghai on the other side of Qilu Hu. (Qilu Lake).

The adjacent smaller Mosque was originally built in 1340 and is regarded as one of the first Mosques in the Yunnan Province. Destroyed during the Cultural Revolution it was recently renovated and serves now as a girl’s school for the Hui Muslims in the region. Apart from the Hui Muslims, the area around Qilu Hu (Qilu Lake) is home for Mongol, Yi, Dai and Hani ethnic minority groups. 


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