Ganlanba Travel, Xishuangbanna, south Yunnan Province, China

Tour and Travel Guide Menghan (Ganlanba)


Explore the Dai villages around Menghan

The Dai village of Menghan, which is also called Ganlanba, is a favourite stop-over for tourist buses from Jinghong to Menglun’s Botanical Garden. The typical old Dai villages south of town are now all included into a so called National Park with an unbelievable entrance fee of 180 Yuan per person! The Park is more of a Disney Land for Chinese tourists than a National Park. Every day visitors can have their own water splashing festival at 4.30 pm at a designated Fountain at the centre of the park. In other words: The Dai village of Menghan (Ganlanba) has become a tourist trap in recent years, so give it a miss. There are several authentic (and cheaper…) Dai villages in the surrounding hills worth exploring.


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