Gejiu Railway Station, Gejiu Travel, Yunnan Province, China

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Railway History

Gejiu is located about 70km south-east of Jianshui at the foot of Mount Baohua. Tin extraction has a long tradition in Gejiu, dating back to the Han dynasty. Tin extraction is still the main income of the town today. The fast developing Gejiu is built around the picturesque Gejiu Lake.

Gejiu Railway Station, Yunnan Travel, China
Gejiu Railway Station in Yunnan Province, China

Gejiu Lake was created in 1954 when the roof of a huge underground limestone cavern collapsed and the resulting hole filled with water from the surrounding mountains. The lake has since been enlarged and a lovely promenade has been built around it. In 1996 Gejiu was flooded when the water level of the lake rose over 1 meter after heavy rainfall. The Baohua Si Monastery south of town is said to be from the Qing Dynasty. Next to the monastery is the old town gate “Ling Yun Ge”, built in 1921.

For Railway enthusiasts the town is of great interest as Gejiu was the end of the Jijie-Gejiu Railway line, a unique 600mm narrow gauge line opened in 1921. The Jijie-Gejiu Railway was mainly used to transport tin from Gejiu to Jijie, where it was transferred onto the 1000mm narrow gauge line and transported to Kunming. The Gejiu-Jijie Railway ceased operation in 1991. The last of these unique steam trains past Zhadian Station on Mai 28, 1991 at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The tracks have been partially removed, but the old stations and depots are still a reminder of this once proud, 34km long Jijie-Gejiu “mini-train”.


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