Travel to Yuhu Village in the Lijiang Valley at the foot of Jade Dragon Mountain in Yunnan Province, China

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Yuhu village near Lijiang, Travel information

Cycling to Yuhu Village, Lijiang, Yunnan, China

The village Yuhu is located about 20km north of Lijiang in the shade of the 5596m high Jade Dragon Mountain. The idyllic village Yuhu can be visited comfortably during half day tour from Lijiang or Shuhe. The village of Yuhu can be reached from Lijiang by public bus no. 17.

A worthwhile experience is also a cycling tour to Yuhu village. You can combine your bicycle tour to Yuhu with a visit to the village Baisha and with a visit to the Yufeng monastery. Inside the Yufeng monastery there is an 800 years old camellia tree which, despite its age, is still covered every year in April with magnificent Camellia flowers.

During a walk through the village you will constantly discover new, partly ancient stone and wooden houses. In a small side street stands the former residence of Joseph Rock, the famous Austrian-American botanist who lived and worked in Yuhu from 1922 to 1949. In his former residence there is a museum, which gives information about the life and work of Joseph Rock.


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