Mingyong Glacier is in the northern Yunnan Province at the foot of Mount Meili

Tour and Travel Guide Mingyong Glacier

Mingyong Glacier

Enjoy stunning vistas of the Kagebo

The magnificent Mingyong Glacier is located about 12km north of Feilai Si and it is considered as the lowest glacier within China. The Mingyong Glacier flows for several kilometres down the flanks for the highest peak of the Yunnan Province, the Meili Xueshan (Mt. Meili, Kabego or Kawa Karpo). An easy 2 hours walk leads up to the Taizi Temple, from where you will have a first stunning view of the Mingyong Glacier.

For those with energy left can continue further up to the Lianhua temple. There are horses available for those who do not want to visit the Mingyong Glacier on foot. Renting a horse costs about 150 Yuan. The entrance fee to the Glacier valley is 70 RMB. 


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