Travel to Jizushan Mountain in Yunnan Province, China

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Hiking through old and new history

Since nearly 1300 years the Jizu Mountain (Jizushan or Jizu Shan) attracts Buddhist pilgrims from all over China, including Tibet. Jizu Mountain (Jizushan or Jizu Shan) ranks amongst the 5 most important Buddhist Mountains in China. It is said that back in history, Mahakasyapa, a scholar of Sakyamuni (Siddarta Gautama) came to Jizu Shan for meditation. 

The first temples and pavilions where built during the Three Kingdom Period (220-264) but most temples came into existence during the heydays of Jizu Shan during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Unfortunately, most of the once over 300 magnificent Temples, Pagodas and Pavilions vanished during the Cultural Revolution only to be partially reconstructed in recent years. A 3 hours walk past several interesting temples through a dense pine tree forest leads up from the Zhusheng Temple to the summit at 3’280 Metres above sea level, where the lovely, 13 storey high Jinding Temple can be found, which was first built during the 11th century.

For those who prefer the easy way up there is also a cable car. Jizu Mountain (Jizu Shan, Jizushan) is located about 30km northwest of Bingchuan. There is one basic 2 Star hotel within the park and most monasteries offer very simple accommodation for little money. For those seeking better accommodation would have to stay in the town of Bingchuan. The accommodations at the entrance to the park are not really recommendable. The entrance fee to the park is 60 Yuan per person.


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