Travel to Feilaisi, Meili Xueshan in northern Yunnan Province, China

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In the shadow of the unclimbed Kawa Karpo range

Feilaisi (Fei Lai Si or Feilai Si) is located within the Henduan Mountains approximately 10 km southwest of Deqin (Deqen) in the far northwest of the Yunnan Province in southwest China. Feilai Si (Feilaisi or Fei Lai Si) is nestled high above the Mekong valley at an altitude of 3’300 metres on the road to Lhasa. Most tourists are attracted to Feilai Si because of the magnificent views of the 13 snow capped peaks of Mt. Kawa Karpo (Mt. Meili, Kagebo) and its neighbouring Mt. Miacimu.

Travel to Meili Mountain, north Yunnan Province in China, Feilai Si
Feilaisi in Yunnan: Views of Meili Mountain

At 6’740 metres the Kagebo (Mt. Meili) is the highest peak of the Yunnan Province. In recent times, Feilai Si (Feilaisi, Fei Lai Si) has become a major tourist attraction for Chinese tourists with mostly overpriced restaurants and hotels. Located about 2km outside of Feilaisi is a small Tibetan Monastery which is devoted to the spirits of Mt. Meili (Mt. Kagebo, Kawa Karpo).

The peaks of Mt. Meili (Kagebo or Kawa Karpo) are considered a holy place for the Tibetans. In order to gain merit for your Karma, you can circumnavigate the Meili Snow Mountain Range on a 10 days strenuous walk on the pilgrimage trail that runs around the base of the mountain.

Many climbing expeditions have tried to conquer the 6’740m high Kawa Karpo. All of them failed. Until today no expedition has reached the top of this sacred mountain. The last group trying was the ill-fated Sino-Japanese Kawa Karpo expedition in 1991, when 17 people perished on the mountain.


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