Day Trip to Western Mountains on the outskirts of Kunming

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Western Mountains and Dianchi Lake

Take a walk to the "Dragon's Gate"

Travel to Kunming and the Western Mountains in Yunnan Province, China
The views from Western Mountains are magnificent

Located a 30 Minutes drive outside Kunming, the Western Mountains (Xi Shan) offer spectacular views over the “Spring City” of Kunming and Dian Chi Lake.

For those who like it comfortable, there is a chair lift going to the top. There are also some nice walking trails leading to the top. Along the path are several Temples and Pavilions like the Huating Temple, Taihua Temple and the Sanqing Pavilion, which all are worth visiting.

On the way back to from the Western Mountains to Kunming stop at the hidden Bamboo Temple (Qiong Zhu Si) dating back to the Tang Dynasty. The lovely Bamboo Temple (Qiong Zhu Si) is famous for its 500 almost life sized clay statues of former “arhats” or sages. The Western Mountains, Bamboo Temple and Dian Chi Lake can easily be reached within a half day trip from Kunming.

The Western Mountains can also be visited by using the Kunming Subway. Subway Line 3 goes from the Eastern Bus Station all the way to the Western Mountains.


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