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Yunnan's capital and "Spring City"

The capital of the Yunnan province is located on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau on 1900 meters above sea level. Because of the all year round pleasant, spring like climate, Kunming was nicknamed “The Spring City”. Whether exploring the city by bus, taxi, by bicycle or on foot, visitors will find Kunming a rather easy and pleasant city to get around. An early morning visit to the Green Lake Park (Cui Hu) is a good opportunity to observe the locals engaged in all sorts of morning workouts and physical exercises. During the winter months, the Green Lake Park (Cui Hu) serves as migration place for thousands of seagulls escaping the cold further north.

Explore Kunming on foot

Visit Kunming, Yunnan Province in China
Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province in China

Within walking distance from Green Lake Park (Cui Hu) lies the Buddhist temple Yuantong Si. Located on small hills, Yuantong Si was founded in the 8th century and later enlarged under the Mongols. In recent years Yuantong Si became once again an important worship place for Buddhists in Kunming.

The two, 13-storey high towers of the East and West Pagodas date back to the Tang Dynasty are located near the commercial district in the centre of town. Destroyed during the Muslim revolt, the East and West Pagodas were rebuilt in the 19th century.

There are also countless restaurants and noodle-shops around Kunming. Kunming is famous for its "Cross-Bridge-Noodles".

The world's flower capital

An early morning visit to the Dou Nan flower market should be part of every trip to Kunming. From Dou Nan flower market, flowers are shipped every morning all over China, Japan, Russia and even to Europe. The colourful and bustling Dou Nan flower market is held every morning. Despite the modernisation Kunming remains a city with a laid back atmosphere and lots of street markets, snack-stalls, parks, and old temples waiting to be explored. Kunming is the partner city of Zurich in Switzerland. For more information about the Spring City of Kunming visit also www.gokunming.com.


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