Visit Bamei Village in Yunnan Province, China

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Bamei village in Yunnan Province: Only accessible by boat

Visit Bamei Village, Yunnan Travel, China
Visit Bamei Village in Yunnan Province, China

The idyllic Zhuang village of Bamei is located about 40km north-west of Guangnan in the south-eastern part of the Yunnan Province. The magnificent landscape around Bamei can be compared with the impressive and famous Karst landscape of Yangshuo in the Guangxi province. It seems that over hundreds of years the secluded village of Bamei was forgotten by the outside world. The modern world reached Bamei only in 2006 when it got connected to electricity.

Bamei is entirely surrounded by Karst Mountains and can only be reached from two sides by a small boat along the Bamei River. From both sides the boat ride takes about 20 Minutes and leads on each side through an impressive, over 800 Meter long cave that has been created by the Bamei River over millions of years. 

In the southern cave lights have recently been installed, so the size of the cave is even more impressive. The northern cave with the poetic name “3 Nights and 3 Days Cave” has been left in its original state. Like hundred yeas ago the boat glides through parts of pitch black darkness, and it makes the arrival in Bamei an even greater experience.

Isolated and mysterious yet comfortable

Travel to Bamei Village, Yunnan Province in China
Bamei Village in Yunnan: Accessible by boat only

The local people of Bamei are from the Zhuang ethnic group and live almost entirely from agriculture. Bamei village is best reached from the city of Guangnan by bus number 3 to the terminal station at Fali. (Northern Entrance) From Fali it is a 1km walk to the boat that will take you through the cave to Bamei.

Bamei itself offers only very basic accommodation. If you do not plan on spending a night in Bamei, colorful-china can arrange you a good, 4 Star quality accommodations in Guangnan and you visit Bamei village during a day trip. The entrance fee is 40 Yuan and includes 3 boat rides and 1 hors cart ride.

 If you decide to leave Bamei village through the southern entrance, you will have to walk from the entrance gate for about 2 km to the main road and wait there for the bus to Guangnan.


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