Trip to Yunlong in Yunnan Province, starting point to Nuodeng

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The rather inconspicuous town of Yunlong is located in the northwest of Yunnan Province on the banks of the Bijiang River. The town of Yunlong can be reached from Dali via the highway and the well-maintained S227 road in just over 3 hours.

Travel to Yunlong, Yunnan Province, China.

The surroundings of Yunlong is home to mainly the Bai and the Yi ethnic minorities. Yunlong literally translated means "cloud dragon".

Yunlong is well known because here the Bijiang River makes a kind of double loop, which resembles the "Taijitu" from Daoism. For most people the "Taijitu" is better known as the "Yin and Yang" sign, in which the white Yang and the black Yin are shown opposite each other.

From Yunlong you can reach the historic village of Nuodeng by car in about 10 minutes. During the Ming and Qing period Nuodeng was a prosperous place, which made a name for itself with the production of salt. In China, however, Nuodeng is mainly known for its high-quality "Huo Tui" an air-dried ham.

There is plenty of accommodation available in Yulong as well as Nuodeng village for your overnight stay.

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