Yading National Park located in West Sichuan Province in China

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Travel Information Yading National Park, Sichuan Province China

Starting point for a trip to Yading National Park is the town of Riwa on the Tibetan Plateau in the west of Sichuan Province. The "village" Riwa has changed a lot in the last years due to tourism. The authorities of Sichuan Province often like to refer to Riwa as the Shangri-La of Sichuan Province. There are numerous Guesthouses and good quality hotels available in Riwa.

From Riwa the journey continues by mandatory park bus into the Yading national park. The trip with the park bus to takes about 1.5 hours to the village of Yading. In Yading village there are also many guesthouses and hotels of different quality.

Travel to Yading National Park, Western Sichuan

The wonderful Yading National Park covers an area of 1300km2 in the southwest of Sichuan province. The Yading National Park is dominated by the three snow-capped peaks Chenresig, Chana Dorje and Rigsum Gonpo, which rise more than 6000m into the dark blue sky of the Tibetan plateau in West Sichuan.

The beautiful surroundings of Yading National Park are ideal for hiking. For example, you can take Yading National Park bus from Yading Village to the terminal station at Longba. From Longba you can take an electric car for an extra charge to the Luorong Grasslands.

Alternatively, one can also hike from Longba to Luorong over a well developed hiking path. From Luorong one can then hike in approx. 2 hours to the "5-Color-See" and further to the "Milk Lake". The ascent is relatively steep, a certain basic fitness is required. Those who like it a little less sporty can simply hike from Longba to the Chong Gu Monastery as well as to the Lhatso Lake.

For the Yading National Park one should plan 2 days. Both in Riwa and in Yading village there are numerous good quality accommodations. It is advisable to stay overnight in Yading village, otherwise you will have to take the park bus back to Riwa for the overnight stay. 

Best travel time for the Yading National Park in Sichuan

The ideal time to travel to Yading is from March to October. Both in March and October there can be snow in the higher altitudes. As everywhere in the mountains, the weather in Yading can change very quickly. Even during the summer months, it can get quite chilly in Yading. A warm jacket should therefore be part of your luggage while travelling to Yading National Park in Sichuan.


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