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A trip to Sichuan Province in West China has now become even easier thanks to direct flights from Europe to Chengdu. Sichuan Province is nestled between 3 mountain ranges and is one of the largest provinces in China.  The name Sichuan means "4 Rivers" and refers to the four largest rivers, Yangtze, Tuo, Yalong and Jaling, which cross the Sichuan province. The highest point in Sichuan Province is Gongga Mountain at 7556m, while the lowest point in Sichuan Province is just 200m.

Sichuan Travel Information: Journey to the heart of the Sichuan Province in Western China

The western part of Sichuan Province borders the "Autonomous Region of Tibet" and is characterized by over 7000 m high mountain ranges, high plateaus, endless grasslands and the deep gorges of some of China's largest rivers. The gold glittering roofs of Tibetan monasteries form an exciting contrast to the dark blue sky, the snow-capped mountains and the prayer flags fluttering in the wind.

The city of Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province and is located in the Sichuan Basin, which is hot and humid in summer and cold in winter. For most visitors to Sichuan Chengdu is the starting point of a journey throughout the Sichuan Province. Besides various beautiful temples, the Panda Bears are certainly one of the main reasons to visit Chengdu. The Panda Reserve is located about 18 km northeast of Chengdu city center. A visit to the Panda Breeding Station can also be combined with a visit to the nearby Baoguang Temple.

In the north of Sichuan Province, you will find the two national parks of Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, which inspire with their natural beauty. Other amazing travel destinations in Sichuan are the city of Zigong, which became prosperous through the extraction of salt, the great Buddha of Leshan as well as the holy Emei mountain in the south of Sichuan Province.


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