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Baoguang Monastery is located about 40km northwest of the city center of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province in China. On the way to Baoguang Monastery we recommend a stop at the Panda Breeding Station. Ideally you visit the Giant Pandas in the morning and then continue to Baoguang Monastery.

Baoguang Monastery, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Legend has it that the foundations of the Baoguan Monastery where first laid in the eastern Han Dynasty (25-220). If one can believe these traditions, the Baoguang monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in China.

In 881 the Tang Emperor Xizong sought refuge from the uprisings in the city of Xi'An for a short time. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907) Buddhism began to spread from India to China. During this time, the Baoguang Monastery became an influential and important Buddhist center of the region. The 13-storey, 30m high pagoda, which is the only building from this period to have survived, also dates from this period. Inside the monastery there are also over 500 arhats made of clay. ("Saints").

The Baoguan Monastery is difficult to reach by public transport. The Baoguang Monastery of Chengdu is best visited during a Chengdu city tour.



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