Shimenguan, Yunnan Province, Dali Prefecture, South-West China

Tour and Travel Guide Shimenguan


The impressive Shimenguan Gorge is part of the Cang Shan Geopark in Yunnan Province, China. Shimenguang is located on the western side of the Cang Shan Mountains, only about 12km as the crow flies from the old town of Dali. In between lies the 4000m high Cang Mountains, which are often covered with snow in winter. Shimenguan is best reached from Dali via the highway and the country road S236 towards Yangbi.

Shimenguan, Cang Shan Geopark Yunnan Province

Shimenguan literally means "stone gate pass". An approx. 800m long, well-maintained path leads into the gorge at dizzying heights along the northern rock face. If you want, you can prove your courage on a footbridge with a glass bottom, which a vertical drop over 100m right below your feet.

At the very back of the gorge, there are a few beautiful, smaller waterfalls to admire before you return to the main entrance via numerous stairs.

Shimenguan Gorge can be easily visited during a day trip from Dali. In the nearby village Yangbi there are also numerous good hotels where you can spend the night.

The entrance fee is 120 Yuan. For the use of the electric cars there is an additional charge of 20 RMB. Visitors of Shimenguan should not be suffering of vertigo.


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