Jiayuguan Fortress. Last western outpost of the Great Wall along the Silk Road

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Jiayuguan Fortress on the Sild Road - Westernmost point of the Great Wall. The hanging Great Wall.

Jiayuguan on the Silk Road is considered the western end of the Great Wall. In 1372 the very last fortress of the Great Wall of China was built here, about 5000km from Shanhaiguan, the easternmost point of the Great Wall. West of Jiayuguan began the "Wild West" of China.

Jiayuguan along the Silk Road: Last Western outpost of the Great Wall
Jiayuguan Fortress is the westernmost station of the Great Wall of China

The fortress of Jiayuguan lies in the middle of the Hexi Corridor at the pass of the same name, the only passage between the snow-capped peaks of the Qilian Mountains in the north and the barren Mazong Mountains in the south. This strategic location was ideal for monitoring the trade on the Silk Road.

However, during the Ming Dynasty it was considered a punishment to be transferred to this remote outpost as a soldier or civil servant.

You will visit the restored garrison, which is the westernmost point of the wall. You will also visit a special section of the Great Wall nearby called the Hanging Wall.


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