Travel information to the Old Town of Hongjiang in Hunan Province in Central China

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Hongjiang Old Town, Hunan Province, Travel Information

The town of Hongjiang in the west of Hunan Province, located about 1 hour drive south of Huaihua city at the confluence of the two rivers Wushui and Yuanjiang.

Travel to Hongjiang town, Hunan

The town of Hongjiang is in most cases not part of any travel itinerary to the Hunan Provicne and is therefore rarely visited by western travelers. The town of Hongjiang is a good example of the rise and fall of many wealthy trading cities in China during the Qing Dynasty. Hongjiang was once a bustling transshipment point for goods transported on the Yuan River.

The numerous, well-preserved "mansions" are still silent witnesses of the former glory and wealth of some trading families from Hongjiang. Houses with names like "House of Pleasure" or "Opium-Den" need no further explanation and give a good insight into life in Hongjiang during the 18th and 19th centuries.

A good example of the former wealth is the building where the Sheng Feng Bank was located. Feng Sheng Bank was only one of 23 private banks in Hongjiang. The building dates back to 1855.

The best way to reach the city of Hongjiang is from the Phoenix city Fenghuang in about 2 hours driving time.

Another possibility for a trip to Hongjiang is to travel by high-speed train to Huaihua and from there by private car in about 1 hour to Hongjiang via the highway.


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