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On our Yunnan tours, you will become a part of China's mystical and long forgotten history. Discover ancient cultures, majestic landscapes and feel the unique charm of our beautiful Yunnan province.

  • Favorite Yunnan Tours Mighty Rivers and Holy Mountains

    While our Yunnan tours normally try to offer a balanced view of the province, this tour puts a focus on Yunnan's mountainous regions to the north and the west. Visit the Yangtse and Mekong river, as they grind their way through deep valleys. Take a tour of Yunnan's Deqin county, which offers...

  • Favorite Yunnan Tours Along the Tea and Horse Road

    The Tea and Horse road is an ancient road network in Yunnan. Tours along this trading route offer insights into ancient kingdoms and old traditions. Though no longer in use, the old cultures and ethnic minorities along this long-gone trade network are still alive. Retrace the Yunnan part of the...

  • Favorite Yunnan Tours Along the "Old Burma Road"

    Explore the old Burma Road, running from Myanmar to Yunnan. Join one of our tours and travel overland on a journey from the beautiful south-western China, across the border to the laid back life style of "The Golden Land". Drive through some of the remotest and most fascinating landscapes of...

Yunnan Tours: discover China's hidden Mysteries

Welcome to Colorful China Travel and Tours in Yunnan. If you are looking for Yunnan travel information, you have found the right spot. We are a sino-swiss managed company, specializing in Yunnan Tours and Travel. Our office is in Kunming, the heart of this fascinating and amazing province.

The Chinese province of Yunnan is high on the list of the most beautiful and diverse places on this planet. Travel to Yunnan to find tall mountains around Shangri-La. Visit deep gorges close to Lijiang and lush sub tropical forests in Xishuangbanna. Take a tour through the bustling old town of Dali, the modern city of Kunming, or travel to Yunnan's famous Stone Forest.

With Colorful China's Yunnan Tours, you won't miss out on secret tips and spots to see. Explore the sleepy village of Shaxi or hidden monasteries in Deqin County. Travel to remote places in Yunnan, China, while we take care of everything else. Our English, French and German speaking guides will make sure that travelling in Yunnan will be rewarding. Colorful China's team of experienced travel professionals provides you with honest travel information. Have us tie together the Yunnan tour package, custom made for you and your interests.



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Our Yunnan Travel Blog will enable you to start your Yunnan tour right now. We not only blog about the latest travel information, but also give you honest reviews. We will also answer your often asked questions as they come up.

Fascinating cross-border overland tours from Yunnan to Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam

Link up one of our Yunnan Tours with a trip through south-east Asia. Travel to Myanmar, Laos or Vietnam and experience even more different cultures than ever before.
Our overland south-east Asia tours are our tip for experienced travellers. They offer even more information and in-depth look at the culture of China. You can travel in the footsteps of General Stilwell along the infamous Old Burma Road (from Yunnan in China to Myanmar). Start in Shangri-La on the Tibetan Plateau and travel to Lijiang and Dali. Travel through some of Asia's remotest areas, all the way to Mandalay in Myanmar (Burma). You can also experience our new and exciting overland tours from Yunnan to Laos and from Yunnan to Vietnam. Contact us!

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(Confucius 551-479 B.C.)


Overview of our Travels & Tours

Experience the Provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan the authentic way with many enriching encounters with the local population during our active tours.
Old Burma Road, Yunnan Province Travel South-West China
Fascinating cross-border overland tours from the Yunnan Province in South-West China to Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar) and Laos.
Learn more about Yunnan's culture(s)
Our cultural tours offer a deeper insight into China's ancient and contemporary history while offering a comforting travel experience.
Golf and Trekking in Yunnan
In Yunnan, travelers can enjoy high end golf courses and world class trekking experiences in the Himalayan foothills.
The big tours for the small budget. You book your seat on one of our fixed departure dates and travel together with others travelers in a small group.
Private Yunnan Sichuan Travel Tours
A private tour offers the maximum amount of flexibility and liberty while travelling in South-West China and beyond. Let us arrange your private tour today!
Home of the Giant Panda, Kong Pao Chicken, the worlds largest City and some of China's most impressive nature reserves. Sichuan Province is always woth a trip.