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On our Yunnan tours, you will become a part of China's mystical and long forgotten history. Discover ancient cultures, majestic landscapes and feel the unique charm of our beautiful Yunnan province.

  • Favorite Yunnan Tours Mighty Rivers and Holy Mountains

    While our Yunnan tours normally try to offer a balanced view of the province, this tour puts a focus on Yunnan's mountainous regions to the north and the west. Visit the Yangtse and Mekong river, as they grind their way through deep valleys. Take a tour of Yunnan's Deqin county, which offers...

  • Favorite Yunnan Tours Along the Tea and Horse Road

    The Tea and Horse road is an ancient road network in Yunnan. Tours along this trading route offer insights into ancient kingdoms and old traditions. Though no longer in use, the old cultures and ethnic minorities along this long-gone trade network are still alive. Retrace the Yunnan part of the...

  • Favorite Yunnan Tours Along the "Old Burma Road"

    Explore the old Burma Road, running from Myanmar to Yunnan. Join one of our tours and travel overland on a journey from the beautiful south-western China, across the border to the laid back life style of "The Golden Land". Drive through some of the remotest and most fascinating landscapes of...

Experience Yunnan on one of our tours

Colorful China Travel and Tours offers you the best service you can imagine. Our experienced staff will help you put together custom made tours according to your ideas and our expertise. We offer a variety of different tours in Yunnan. From short day trips you can book as extras to already existing programs, over multi-day hikes, up to our unique tours across Yunnan and even beyond the borders of the province.

A highlight and our specialty are our Cross-Border tours. These tours offer interesting programs, ever-changing scenery and the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience several south-east Asian cultures during one trip.

Our most requested tour will lead travelers in the footsteps of General Stillwell who achieved to connect a road networks between Burma/Myanmar and China. This network was vital to secure supplies for allied forces in the then occupied China.

Having had many names such as the Stillwell Road, the Ledo Road and the Burma Road, it now known as “The old Burma Road” because newer roads between China and Myanmar have been built. The Old Burma Road however is still passable and allows travelers an interesting look back on contemporary Chinese history.



How we travel in Yunnan

Our tours in Yunnan usually include a car and driver. Yunnan’s road network is outstanding in China and allows for comfortable travel between most points of interest. Sometimes, when we leave the well beaten track to reach for some of Yunnan’s well-hidden gems, the ride might get a little bit rougher, yet our well trained drivers know the routes well and will adjust their driving accordingly to allow for safe travels.

Yunnan features several national airports (yet we think it’s best explored by car), good train service and a well maintained road network, allowing travelers to easily link up their Yunnan tour with other destinations in China and across Asia.

Quick Facts about Yunnan

Yunnan is one of China’s southern provinces. To the north, Yunnan borders with Tibet and Sichuan. To the east it borders with the provinces of Guizhou and Guangxi. The southern border is shared with Vietnam and Laos, while Yunnan’s eastern border is delimited by Burma/Myanmar. There is no border to Thailand, but Kunming’s Changshui International Airport offers daily flights to various locations in Thailand.

Yunnan is roughly 15000sqm (388610km²) big. This equals 4% of China’s complete size. In comparison, Yunnan is a little bit bigger than Germany, or roughly half the size of Texas. The capitol of Yunnan, Kunming, is home to more than 5 million people. Worth a visit itself, Kunming is mainly the international traveler’s gateway to Yunnan and infrastructure hub of the province.

„...every trip starts with a first step in the right direction..."
(Confucius 551-479 B.C.)

Mountains, Water and Gorges in Yunnan

Yunnan’s topography can easily be called mountainous. Kawagebo Peak reaches 22,110ft (6740m) high into the already thin atmosphere. It is one of the most sacred mountains in the Buddhist religion and has therefore never been summited. Kawagebo Peak is part of the Meili Range which is usually called Meili Xueshan.

Yunnan is also home to Asia’s three big rivers. The Yangtze, Mekong and Salween rivers all grind their way through firm Himalayan bedrock. Nature reserves along the shores of the rivers preserve a unique ecosystem of rare birds, plants, monkeys and other mammals while allowing visitors to explore the history and diversity of these regions.

Where water and mountains mix, deep gorges are created as well. Yunnan’s “Tiger Leaping Gorge” offers a three day hike along it’s never too challenging “high route”.  At the bottom of the gorge, the wide Yangtze River is forced through a merely 30ft (10m) wide natural gate, before flowing through a series of rapids.

Yunnan’s weather is quite predictable and welcoming. Categorized as monsoon climate, rainfalls in Yunnan are very common throughout the summer months and ease up for the winter. Throughout the year, the temperature can be described as modest for most parts of the province. Yunnan lies on the topic of cancer and extends even further south. Its high altitude helps regulating the temperatures and creates a balanced climate for the central parts of the province.
However, the higher our tours reach, the lower the temperatures will be. As a rule of thumb it is safe to say that travelling north or west from Kunming, one will gain altitude. The same holds true for traveling south and east, yet as travelers get ever closer to sea level, temperatures will begin to rise.

Destinations in Yunnan

The Chinese province of Yunnan is high on the list of the most beautiful and diverse places on this planet. Yunnan allows visitors to see the foothills of the Himalayas around Shangri-La, deep gorges close to Lijiang and lush sub-tropical forests in Xishuangbanna.

With Colorful China's Yunnan tours, you won't miss out on secret tips and spots to see. Explore the sleepy village of Shaxi or hidden monasteries in Deqin County. Travel to remote places in Yunnan, China, while we take care of everything else. Our English, French and German speaking guides will make sure that travelling in Yunnan will be rewarding. Colorful China's team of experienced travel professionals provides you with honest travel information. Have us tie together the Yunnan tour package, custom made for you and your interestst

The main Attractions

Yunnan’s best known attractions include the cities of Dali and Lijiang with their beautifully restored old towns and the Stone Forrest close to Kunming. Lesser know yet very enjoyable are Kunming’s Western Hills which offer a magnificent view over the southern part of the city.

Colorful-China also offers tours to smaller destinations such as the small village Shaxi, which captures visitors with its authentic and rustic charm. Shaxi offers great hikes and is home to Shibaoshan and its Baoxiang Temple where visitors can learn more about Buddhism and how it expanded into China.

Start exploring now

Our Yunnan Travel Blog will enable you to start your Yunnan tour right now. We not only blog about the latest travel information, but also give you honest reviews. We will also answer your often asked questions as they come up.


Fascinating cross-border overland tours from Yunnan to Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam

Link up one of our Yunnan Tours with a trip through south-east Asia. Travel to Myanmar, Laos or Vietnam and experience even more different cultures than ever before.
Our overland south-east Asia tours are our tip for experienced travellers. They offer even more information and in-depth look at the culture of China. You can travel in the footsteps of General Stilwell along the infamous Old Burma Road (from Yunnan in China to Myanmar). Start in Shangri-La on the Tibetan Plateau and travel to Lijiang and Dali. Travel through some of Asia's remotest areas, all the way to Mandalay in Myanmar (Burma). You can also experience our new and exciting overland tours from Yunnan to Laos and from Yunnan to Vietnam. Contact us!

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